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Best Disability/Community Support Care Dandenong

Have you been in search of a reliable Disability/Community Support Care service in Dandenong? If so, you have reached the best service already! Being a registered NDIS service provider,

we have been offering a wide range of personalized and quality disability/community support care services to all the NDIS participants living across Dandenong and its surroundings for a long time. We have the expertise to provide the support and care needed for the participants to live as independently as possible.

Our Disability/Community Support Care
Services Dandenong Melbourne Include:
  • Support Assistance
  • Support and Coordination during travel and transport
  • Respite Assistance
  • Help take part in social and communal activities
  • Support with routine tasks
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Personal Care
  • Life Development Skills
  • Group-based Activities
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Personalized Disability/Community Support Care Program Dandenong

Being one of the leading Disability/Community Support Care services in Dandenong,

we offer our participants with tailored support that allows them to pursue their life goals most conveniently and become active members of society. Our experts evaluate the support requirements of our clients and tailor a plan that empowers them to live life in the best way possible.

Supported Independent Living - Disability/Community Support Care Dandenong

The Supported Independent Living services cater to all the NDIS participants residing in Dandenong

The purpose of this service is to encourage participants to develop a skill set that enables them to reach their life goals. This service enables the beneficiaries to live in one of the shared accommodations together with the disabled to boost their conditions, objectives, and aspirations.
SIL participants get assistance with:

SIL participants get assistance with:
  • Laundry
  • Nutrition and meals
  • Personal hygiene
  • Routine household activities
  • Travel and transport
  • Managing appointments
  • Developing social skills
  • Taking medication
  • Assessing social gatherings and events
  • Budgeting
  • Shopping

Whether you are looking for a reliable disability/Community Support Care service or would prefer to take advantage of our Supported Independent living program in Dandenong, connect with us today via phone or email, and we will guide you on how we can help make your life better right away!

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